Aramark looks to expand into mobile commerce

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Aramark has partnered with Tapingo to bring mobile services to universities in the US

Aramark has announced that it has begun integrating its services into the mobile commerce service Tapingo. Aramark providers food services, facility management, and uniforms throughout the world and has now taken a strong interest in the mobile commerce space. Through the partnership with Tapingo, Aramark will be deploying new services to more than 25 universities in the United States. The service may be well received by students that have become very reliant on their mobile devices.

New services may be well received among students

Aramark has been examining new channels through which is can achieve greater growth. As such, the company has begun to focus more heavily on technology. By partnering with Tapingo, it may be able to speed up this growth, as Aramark will not be required to develop its own technology in order to engage in the mobile space. The partnership could have major implications for the mobile commerce space, offering more competition therein.

Students are becoming more active in the mobile commerce sector

online shopping cart mobile commerceConsumers have become quite interested in mobile commerce, as it represents a more convenient way to shop for products and order food service. For students, mobile devices are more than lifelines to social media networks, as they are now being used to shop online and pay bills. Students are also using their devices to order food and have meals delivered to them on campus. A growing number of food service companies that serve universities have reported a major increase in their mobile traffic.

Millennials show a great affinity and interest in mobile commerce

Millennials are one of the demographics that have become most involved in mobile commerce. Many of these people have grown up steeped in technology and are very comfortable with smartphones and tablets. Students, in particular, have a heavy reliance and affinity for technology, especially that of the mobile variety. They are using their mobile devices to shop online more frequently, praising the convenient nature of mobile commerce.

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