AR glasses from BMW to improve motorcycle road safety

AR glasses - Motorcycle Road Safety

The automaker is using the wearables with a heads-up display, keeping a driver’s eyes on the road.

Though AR glasses have been marketed mainly for entertainment purposes until now, German automaker BMW has a different focus for the wearable technology it is designing.

BMW is creating its smart goggles for motorcycle riders to wear to improve their overall safety.

BMW’s ConnectRide Smartglasses project is focused on AR glasses with a heads-up display specifically for motorcycle riders. This will provide them with helpful information such as the current speed, the bike’s gear, and other basic navigation instructions, all without having to glance away from the road. The wearables are deliberately not fancy, keeping the design simple to ensure that motorcycle riders will not be distracted and can keep their focus on what they’re doing.

AR glasses - BMW Logo

The automaker has placed a considerable amount of focus on making sure the ConnectRide Smartglasses will be comfortable for riders to wear for long periods of time. They will be sold in medium and large sizes, to be sure that the rider has the best possible fit for their face size and shape. Moreover, the goggles can also be adjusted in a number of ways to ensure they fit various helmets too.

The ConnectRide Smartglasses AR glasses come with two different sets of lenses.

The first set of lenses is 85 percent transparent, making it the best choice for helmets that already have sun visors. The other lenses are tinted, for use with helmets that don’t have visors. It will also be possible to have this wearable technology’s lenses customized to the driver’s prescription, for riders who would typically wear prescription eyeglasses while on the road.

The battery powering the ConnectRide Smartglasses lasts about 10 hours, according to BMW, and will operate well between -14ºF and 122ºF. They can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth to allow the wearer to adjust precisely how the projection is displayed within the field of vision.

According to BMW, its AR glasses will be arriving in the United States before the end of 2023. It will announce more information about the gadget, including pricing and specs, closer to the launch date.

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