Appmosphere launches new app based on NFC technology

NFC techology app

NFC technology is the cornerstone of new application

Appmosphere, a developer of mobile applications, has announced the launch of its REACH NFC application. The app will primarily be used at restaurants in Minneapolis, specifically Northeast Social stores that are quite popular throughout the city. Appmosphere and Northeast Social have worked together in the past. This new venture could change the way people interact with Northeast Social, however, as it leverages NFC technology to provide consumers with a new experience.

App provides information about Northeast Social

Using the application, those visiting Northeast Social stores will be able to scan NFC tags with their mobile devices. Doing so will provide consumers with a variety of information concerning the special deals being provided by Northeast Social at any given time. The tags will also provide people with information concerning the food and drinks being serviced when they are visiting and people using the application will also be able to find out more information about Northeast Social itself.

NFC techology appNFC is not restricted to mobile commerce

NFC is most often associated with mobile commerce. Indeed, the technology happens to be one of the pillars of the mobile commerce world, having won significant acclaim for its ability to transmit digital information over short distances in a relatively efficient fashion. Many prominent mobile commerce services are based on NFC technology, but the technology has also been used in the fields of marketing and entertainment, with the former being the most common use of NFC between the two.

NFC may provide new engagement opportunities for businesses

With consumers becoming more reliant on mobile devices, businesses are beginning to feel the pressure to change the way they interact with a new generation of potential customers. NFC technology does offer them a better degree of engagement capabilities and many consumers have expressed their enthusiasm for NFC-based marketing ventures in the past. Appmoshpere is one of several developers that have been working to expand the boundaries of NFC technology and make it more accessible to businesses and consumers alike.

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