Apple Watch app from Shazam is getting ready to launch

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

The music recognition application is getting ready to unveil its wearable technology friendly version.

Shazam, the exceptionally popular music recognition application, is now preparing for the release of an Apple Watch app version of its service that could help to give another great shot in the arm for music discovery.

This could mean an important expansion of this type of application in the wearable technology category.

The release date for the smartwatch is April 24 and the Apple Watch app library will be relatively small at that time, as there have been significant limitations placed on the number of applications that could be listed at the iTunes Stores in advance of the device sales. Moreover, developers have also found themselves working with some notable restrictions when it comes to the type of features that they can offer within those applications due to the app development kit that Apple has provided.

This Apple Watch app could end up being quite popular for a number of different reasons.

Apple Watch apps -wearable technologyFor one thing, it makes sense that this type of music recognition should be available through wearable technology. It could potentially make it even easier for wearers of the smartwatch to be able to recognize the song that they are hearing, and obtain the option to purchase that song or its album from the iTunes Store. The smartwatch app also comes with a Handoff feature, which makes it possible for the application to make track suggestions to the wearable device wearer based on their previous Shazam and the tracks that they have on their favorites lists.

This smartwatch application will also make it possible for users to be able to stream lyrics lists in case they want to know what exactly their favorite artist is saying, or if they’d like to break into a sudden burst of karaoke.

The chief product officer at Shazam, Daniel Danker, said “Experience the Shazam app when Apple Watch starts to hit stores on April 24. But let’s not spoil the surprise – we’ll share more details closer to launch so you can try your hand at this whole new way to Shazam.”

As one of the first wave of Apple Watch apps available, it is very likely that this will become a popular one quite rapidly upon the release of the wearable device.

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