Apple released details concerning NFC patents for iPhone 5

iphone 5

new iphone nfc technologynew iphone nfc technology

iPhone 5 to include new features powered by NFC

Technology giant Apple has released details regarding a new patent for its upcoming iPhone 5 smart phone. The device has been generating a great deal of hype amongst consumers because of Apple’s announcement that it will be NFC-enabled. NFC technology has become quite popular, powering the progression of mobile commerce, introducing consumers to a new form of interactive marketing, and allowing for contactless data transfer. The patent highlights a particular feature for the new iPhone 5 which concerns Apple’s popular iTunes platform.

NFC technology could change the way people interact with the world

The iPhone 5 will be equipped with an NFC chip that will allow it to be used as a mobile payment device and serve other such purposes. Apple has taken a keen interest in NFC technology because of its ability to facilitate contactless data transfer. The company believes that the technology can be used to change the way consumers interact with their surroundings and with companies. Interactive technologies like NFC have made marketing and commerce more dynamic and convenient, thus winning the favor of tech-savvy consumers and encouraging Apple to continue its implementation of NFC.

Gifting platform will allow consumers to share content with each other

Apple will allow iPhone 5 users to send and received iTunes gifts to one another through the use of NFC technology. The mobile device will feature a new gift-giving platform, simply called “Gifting.” That will allow consumers to send and receive iTunes media files. Once a file is received, the recipient’s iTunes information is updated to reflect their ownership of the new content. Gifts can still be sent to others regardless of their proximity. Those beyond the reach of the phone’s NFC capabilities can request Apple to send the content to the recipient through conventional means.

iPhone 5 to include iWallet as well as other NFC features

Apple believes that NFC technology can solve some of the basic problems that exist with mobile platforms. The company also expects that NFC technology will help the iPhone appeal to new generations of consumers that are becoming more interested in interactive technologies and mobile commerce. The iPhone 5 will also include a new feature called the iWallet, which is Apple’s mobile payment platform that will allow the phone to make contactless payments.

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