Apple Pay could make the leap into China’s mobile payments market

Apple maps mobile payments

CEO Tim Cook spent four days in the country and suggested that the service could be rolled out there.

It may not be very long before Apple Pay rolls out in the tremendous Chinese market, as the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, suggested this about its mobile payments system when speaking to the state media.

Cook explained that the launch of that service within China is at the “top of the list” for his company.

Apple Pay was only just launched in the United States, this month, giving consumers the opportunity to use their new iPhones to use their mobile devices as an alternative to credit cards when making purchases in store. This represents the very first steps that the company has taken into the mobile payments ecosystem, which already has a number of considerable players – including massive telecoms and even Google – but that has failed to be able to reach mainstream adoption among consumers.

Apple Pay’s launch in the United States came with a partnership that provided 220,000 usage locations.

Apple mobile paymentsThis mobile payments service is built to be used with only the latest iPhone and iPad model and will not function with the older models of those devices. So far, there are an estimated 10 million users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, so far, according to reports from the media.

Cook was quoted by the Xinhua News Agency to say that “China is really a key market for us, everything we do, and we are going to work it here. Apple Pay is on top of the list.” Throughout his trip, Cook met with business partners, such as those within the Foxconn factory, which is the location in which the iPhone and other Apple mobile device and products are manufactured.

A statement that Apple released to the press explained that Apple Pay is an easy and secure form of mobile payments that can be accessed by way of the Touch ID system. The company’s senior vice president of internet software and services, Eddy Cue, said that Our team has worked incredibly hard to make Apple Pay private and secure, with the simplicity of a single touch of your finger.”

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