Is Apple mobile security still compromised by CIA as Wikileaks claims?

iOS 8 iphone 6 apple mobile security

The iPhone maker has responded to the released documents saying that the exploits are outdated.

Wikilieaks released a slew of documents saying that Apple mobile security was being compromised by the CIA. It detailed the tremendous number of CIA software tools used for hacking into specific Macs and iPhones.

Apple responded by issuing a statement saying that the Wikileaks data is outdated and have been dealt with long ago.

The majority of the Apple mobile security breaches by the CIA, said Wikileaks, were possibly only when a device could be physically accessed. That said, the report went on to reveal a slew of details that would make any iPhone user wonder whether or not they could trust their smartphone. Apple released its own statement in the hopes of assuaging the fears of its device users. It pointed out that the Wikileaks data is based on exploits that were patched almost seven years ago.

The Apple mobile security statement claimed that the iPhone vulnerability was fixed in 2009.

iOS 8 iphone 6 apple mobile securityThe device maker explained that the only iPhone affected by the issue detailed in the Wikileaks release was the iPhone 3G. That problem was corrected with the rollout of the iPhone 3GS. Furthermore, the company also said that the Mac vulnerabilities did exist but they have all been repaired in computers launched after 2013.

Apple also pointed out that they have not entered into any negotiations with Wikileaks for their data. That said, they claimed to have offered Wikileaks instructions for the submission of information should they ever be interested in using the company’s standard process and terms. They, therefore, underscored that they have never received any Wikileaks data that is not already within the public domain.

The iPhone maker also stressed the importance of Apple mobile security. They said that they “are tireless defenders of our users’ security and privacy, but we do not condone theft or coordinate with those that threaten to harm our users.” While it may be true that the issue brought to light by Wikileaks has gone stale, it has many iPhone and Mac users wondering what improved strategies the CIA may currently be using to target and access devices.

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