Apple leads mobile gaming marketplace with an 84 percent share

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

iOS products dominate Android in overall revenue.

Developers almost universally feel that there is a great deal more value offered to them from users of iOS products than there are from Android because those Apple devices bring in 84 percent of the mobile gaming revenues in the United States.

Apple’s experience for purchasing is a seamless one.

According to Peter Warman the chief executive at Newzoo, which performed the research to acquire the marketplace statistics, “When analyzing Apple’s successful monetization, there is one dominant factor outside of differences in audience demographics and preferences: Apple requires users to connect their credit card information directly to their account, thus creating a seamless purchase experience.”

The study was a survey of 17,000 Android and iOS device users.

It looked into the top 200 grossing games from the marketplaces at Apple and Android for the United States. It also determined that within the last year, across all platforms, there was a growth of mobile gaming from 75 million to 101 million players. Among those players 69 percent used their smartphones, while 21 percent used tablets to play.

Though a growing number of people are starting to play at times such as when they are procrastinating and board, during their daily commute to work or school, or are simply adding a new device to their traditional time for playing games, what is most notable about the statistic is that the number of players who are actually paying for the experience is continuing to increase.


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Newzoo estimates that 2012 will represent another revenue increase year in the double digits.

Similar research results were found by a survey conducted by ABI research for Five Star Equities, which found that spending on mobile gaming will spike to $16 billion by 2016, from its current $5 billion.

Among mobile gaming players, there has been an increase of 35 percent, now reaching 37 million people. These individuals spend 5 times more on games from iOS devices than they do from tablets and smartphones based on Android.

Newzoo feels that this discrepancy in mobile gaming spending is the result of the ease of the actual purchasing process with Apple devices. Once an account is set up with that company, all that is needed is a password in order to purchase a game. On Android, a full check-out is required, with credit card numbers or other billing information.


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