Apple iOS and Android hold 91 percent of the mobile market

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

iphone vs Android

New Jumptap network data has shown that Apple iOS and Android, combined, comprise 91 percent of the mobile operating system market.

This information is based on the over 95 million monthly users of the Jumptap network – a targeted mobile advertising firm – and shows that both types of OS achieved new records in January 2012. It was published within the company’s February MobileSTAT.

Android managed to reach a 58.8 percent market share, while iOS came to a 32.2 percent level. On the other hand, BlackBerry dropped to its own record low of 6.7 percent.

The data in the Jumptap report aligns effectively with that published within the most recent Nielsen report, which indicated that in the last quarter of 2011, 89 percent of smartphones were either using Android or iOS operating systems, while BlackBerry devices made up only 6 percent of the marketplace.

In Jumptap’s report, it forecasted that this year, Symbian, Windows, and BlackBerry will all face a significant struggle to retain their current levels of the operating system market share.

According to the Jumptap chief marketing officer, Paran Johar, “With Google activating 850,000 mobile devices daily, it’s no surprise that Android has continued to outpace every other OS on the market.”

Johar went on to suggest that advertisers should pay attention to these statistics and use them to understand the importance of cross-platform marketing. Both of the leading operating have lots of room to grow, while their competitors continue to cling to only a small sliver of the market.

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