Apple event announced for March 21 and invitations are out

apple event mobile iPhones

The iPhone and iPad date has now been set with invites telling people to “Let us loop you in.”

The tech giant behind the iPhone has now sent out its invitations for the next Apple event, which will occur on March 21 at the company’s campus, featuring a tagline that says “Let us loop you in.”

The belief is that the company will be unveiling a brand new smartphone that will be known as the iPhone SE.

If rumors about the Apple event are correct, it will mean that the new smartphone will be the same size as the older iPhone 5 models, but it will feature better specs. Speculations have suggested that the SE will have the identical processor to the iPhone 6S, with an upgraded 8-megapixel camera, as well as the Touch ID feature. There are many consumers who have been awaiting the chance to buy a smaller version of the iPhone once again. If these predictions are correct, they will have their opportunity very soon.

The word “loop” in the invitation to the Apple event has many people guessing at its meaning.

apple event mobile iPhonesSome of the most widely printed speculations have said that the iPhone SE might come with a place where a lanyard loop can be attached to it. One of the older versions of the iPod Touch once came with that type of feature, though it was removed in later models.

Also expected to be unveiled at the mobile device event will be a smaller iPad Pro. This had once been expected to be a direct next generation to the iPad Air 2, but more recent speculations have indicated that there is a mobile gadget to be released with the word “Pro” in its name, indicating that there could be an iPad Pro on its way. Rumors on that device have suggested that it might have a keyboard accessory connector and that it will be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Finally, predictions have also placed the spotlight back on the Apple Watch, as many people feel that there will be new bands unveiled during the Apple event.

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