Apple debuts iPhone 5

iphone 5

iphone 5

iPhone 5 officially announced by Apple

Apple has officially announced its iPhone 5. For months, rumors have raged throughout the Internet regarding the mobile device and its capabilities. Many of these rumors hinted at the device would be equipped with NFC technology. These rumors were largely based on information concerning the Passbook application, which is to be a significant feature of the iOS 6 operating system, as well as leaked photographs showing the construction of the mobile device. Apple has revealed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California, that the iPhone 5 will not have NFC capabilities.

NFC absent from device

Apple has shown off the variety of upgrades the iPhone 5 boasts of, including a powerful new processor called the A6 as well as higher quality cameras, but NFC technology is missing from the device entirely. Apple has shown interest in NFC technology in the past and is keen to include NFC capabilities into the Passbook, but does not believe the time is right for the technology to be included into the iPhone 5. Apple Vice President Phil Schiller believes that NFC technology does not solve any problems a consumer faces today.

NFC not ready for inclusion in iPhone 5

In its current form, the Passbook application serves as a form of digital storage device for information concerning loyalty programs and the like. Though Passbook is based around NFC technology, Apple believes that the current form of the application is sufficient enough to meet the needs of consumers. Apple suggests that the infrastructure needed to justify NFC technology is currently lacking, thus the technology is not suitable for the iPhone 5.

Apple still slow to approach mobile commerce

Without NFC technology, the iPhone 5 will not be competing in the mobile commerce arena. For now, that sector will remain dominated by Google, at least until the Isis mobile payment platform is officially launched. Apple still has interest in mobile commerce, but will retain its “slow and steady” approach to the industry, hoping to avoid the pitfalls that have caused problems for other companies in the past. The iPhone 5 still boasts of impressive technology that is expected to garner the favor of fans and even some of Apple’s critics.

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