Apple brings new POS systems to retail stores to support mobile payments

Apple mobile payments

New POS systems are being introduces to Apple’s retail stores

Apple is beginning to introduce new mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems to their physical retail stores. These POS solutions make use of the iPhone 5S and the company’s “EasyPay” system. The EasyPay system has been in place since 2009 and Apple has been using it to provide consumers with more convenience for several years. Apple’s interest in the mobile shopping space has been growing steadily over the past few years, but the company has been very cautious with its entrance into the field.

POS systems are meant to engage mobile crowd more effectively

The new POS systems will allow Apple Store employees to receive phone messages without having to use a separate device. The systems will also allow employees to interact with mobile-centric consumers more dynamically and encourage mobile payments. Electronic payment transaction technology developed by VeriFone will be used alongside the mobile devices in order to accommodate mobile transactions. The new POS systems will work in a way that is very similar to conventional POS systems that are typically seen at grocery stores.

Apple continues its slow and steady approach to mobile money

Apple mobile paymentsApple has long existed in the mobile space, but has been slow to show interest in mobile spending. This is partly due to the technical issues that exist in the current mobile climate as well as security concerns regarding NFC technology, which serves as the backbone of the mobile payments ecosystem. Apple has been working on its own alternative to NFC and has managed to find some success with its PassBook platform, but remains somewhat cautious when it comes to involving itself completely with mobile payments.

Apple intends to avoid pitfalls of the mobile payments space

The new POS systems coming from Apple are yet another step in the company’s ongoing plan to take a slow and steady approach to the mobile payments field. Other companies have been quick to break into the m-payments field in order to capitalize on its early popularity among consumers. Many of these companies have encountered serious problems that have made their goals nearly impossible to achieve. Apple intends to avoid such pitfalls.

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