Apple begins approaching augmented reality

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Acquisition could have implications for Apple’s interest in AR

Apple may have taken a major step toward augmented reality with its most recent acquisition. The technology giant has successfully finalized a deal to acquire PrimeSense, a developer of 3D motion detection technology based in Israel. Apple has issued a standard statement concerning the acquisition, noting that it does purchase smaller companies from time to time but does not comment on the purpose behind such acquisitions or what such deals could mean for the future.

Apple and AR are not strangers

Apple is no stranger to augmented reality. The company launched the latest generation of its Apple TV earlier this year and has been making significant improvements to the product’s technology. Augmented reality has played a relatively small role with the Apple TV, but the company has filed patents concerning a 3D imaging and display system that would be integrated into the product at some future date. Apple has not announced any plans concerning what role PrimeSense would play in developing this system, if any.

apple augmented realityAugmented reality could be a major player in the game industry

PrimeSense is the company behind the technology that powered the first generation of Microsoft’s Kinect device. This device has become quite popular within the augmented reality space because of its motion capture capabilities. The Kinect has been used in various AR projects and has helped showcase the power of AR initiatives for gaming and certain retail applications. Apple has a modest interest in gaming, with the majority of its focus regarding games placed on those of the mobile variety. With Apple TV, however, the company could expand its presence in the gaming sector by leveraging the capabilities of augmented reality.

AR gaming is gaining popularity

A new generation of gaming has dawned with the launch of new and more powerful consoles. These consoles are leveraging innovative new technologies that have serious implications regarding how people actually experience games. Now, more than ever, the capabilities of televisions are likely to have a major impact on how people experience games. As such, TVs that support augmented reality may prove quite popular among gamers that have a strong interest in AR gaming as well.

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