Apple’s recent patents point to augmented reality application

Apple Headquaters CA

Apple Headquaters CAApple has been filing for more patents lately, suggesting that the high-profile technology company is gearing up to develop a new generation of swanky gadgets. According to a recent patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has its eyes set on augmented reality technology. AR has been growing popular among the big tech companies recently due to the growing support from consumers. In previous years, augmented reality was shunned because there was nearly no hardware available to handle the technology. Now that smart phones and other mobile devices have become synonymous with super computers, the technology can finally reach its full potential.

According to the patent, Apple is pursuing the development of “augmented reality maps.” In the patent application, Apple notes that their efforts will produce a new mobile application that makes use of the iPhone’s high-powered cameras and location sensors to provide users with highly accurate information on their whereabouts. The app will not be a handheld GPS, however, it will overlay information on the physical world, offering users details on what is nearby.


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Apple believes that such an app is necessary in a world growing increasingly reliant on technology. If the app ever comes into existence, iPhone users will never have to look up directions by checking into Google Maps or other such services. Apple’s app will provide them with directions to shops and other locations and even show discounts available online.

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