App developers have new mobile payment SDKS option from Total-Apps

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New mcommerce tool for payments helps ease businesses into mobile.

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Total-Apps – a company already recognized for its progressive stance and increasing dedication to boosting the bottom line of its customers – has unveiled its SDKS Card processing app for mobile payments.

This application has been created for use with smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, so that credit card payments can be made by consumers.

According to the spokesperson from Total-Apps who made the announcement, “With access to this new mobile credit apps, merchants with card terminals can now process payments at the same speed, or even quicker than standard credit card terminals.” The spokesperson also said that there will be an increasingly person-to-person based sale experience in the mobile world, and so it has now become vital for businesses to be able to accept those cards at the checkout.

The spokesperson explained that the company has now made it so that businesses can use the Mobile Payment SDKS App “to processes cards wirelessly and have access to the same authorization networks as regular retail merchants.”


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The mobile payment SDKS for app’s features include:

• Included processing software for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry
• No application fees or setup fees
• Low fees for merchants
• Available wireless and cell phone terminal solutions
• Customer service and support available 24/7
• Accepted from any location where reception is available

When combined with the other Total-Apps services, local companies can use the portal to increase their profits. These services include: merchant accounts, cash advance, e-commerce, ACH/Checks.

The Total-Apps spokesperson explained that they understand that each company is unique and that their approach reflects that understanding in that they guarantee that they will be able to provide a custom fit for the needs of each business. The spokesperson was making it very clear that there is a broad range of different custom-enhanced services that are provided by the company in order to help with boosting sales, reducing expenses, and increasing the bottom line.

Later, the spokesperson added that Total-Apps is dedicated to the delivery and maintenance of the best mobile payment processing solutions for their clients regardless of their own unique goals and requirements.

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