Android Wear formally announced by Google

smartwatches android wear

The company’s first large steps into the smartwatches category are now being made.

Google has now officially announced its next step into wearable technology after Google Glass and its very first move toward smartwatches – in the form of Android Wear – as yet another major competitor enters into this category ahead of Apple.

The iWatch remains nothing more than rumors and hopes for Apple fans, other major players are unveiling actual products.

This move by Google is giving the Android Wear a considerable advantage for building distance against Apple and momentum before an iOS wearable will have the chance to make it into the mix. All that is known about the iWatch is that Apple is likely tinkering with it behind closed doors. At the same time, Google has now broken free of the rumors and has now officially announced the path it is taking into smartwatches.

Google claims that Android Wear is already prepared for success because of its smartwatch platform design.

smartwatches android wearAccording to the senior vice president of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google, Sundar Pichai, the company’s smartwatch is ready to take off because Google has created a platform for information that keeps the same rhythms of its users throughout their daily lives. He officially announced the brand which will expand to all of the wearables that will function on that operating system and pointed out that, after Google Glass, smartwatches are indeed the direction that it will be taking.

That said, Pichai also pointed out that the company is testing a broad range of different kinds of wearable mobile devices and a spectrum of different apps that will give users the opportunity to use information in a useful and relevant way, wherever and whenever they need it. He teased his audience with mentions of a range of different features and attributes, without actually giving them any specific definition.

With the broad number of different apps that will be suitable for Android Wear, it will mean that everything from messaging to social media, notifications, shopping, photography and news will all be available, completely hands free, worn conveniently on the wrist.

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