Android platform is gaining ground as a mobile commerce, advertising platform

Android mobile commerce

Analysts may have outdated perspective of the Android operating system

The Android platform is quite popular among consumers, but not necessarily among businesses and large enterprises. Many analysts in the e-commerce, advertising, and software sectors believe that Google’s mobile operating system is too exposed to malicious software and is fragmented by nature. For years, analysts have also suggested that Android consumers spend significantly less money through their mobile devices and these people are not likely to engage in any dynamic marketing. This may no longer be the case.

New report predicts that 1.2 billion people will be using Android by the end of this year

A new report from BI Intelligence shows that the Android platform will account for more than 1.2 billion active users throughout the world by the end of this year. Because of the platform’s massive user base, the report suggests that mobile businesses that neglect Android could limit their market potential by a significant degree. The report also shows that Android is rising faster than its competitors as a driver for mobile revenue and marketing revenue.

Android continues to show promise as a mobile commerce platform

Android mobile commerceThe Android platform has proven particularly favorable in the mobile commerce space. As a mobile operating system, Android is quite flexible, allowing it to make use of a wide range of applications and mobile services. For years, Android has been one of the few mobile operating systems that has been readily able to make use of mobile commerce platforms. While some services have been available for iOS, Android is one of the preferred platforms within the mobile commerce space.

Google is recapturing its own mobile operating system

Google has been taking steps to “recapture” its own mobile operating system. In the end of the second quarter of this year, 65% of global smartphone shipments were using Google’s preferred version of Android. In the past, smartphones had used various versions of the Android platform, many of which were not preferred by Google. These versions of the operating system were tweaked in some way, either to restrict what kind of applications the device could use or change the functionality of the device.

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  1. Ryan Crissman

    From a developer’s perspective, I can tell you that the transition of focus you’re speaking to is already taking place. I think we are going on more than a year now of a real turnaround for Android’s reputation in the developer community. And I think that ultimately has to do with more than just the reach of Android vs. iOS. Frankly, it’s getting easier to monetize apps on Android and the reasons for that are numerous. For starters, the scope of third party Android app stores is simply awesome and the onerous restrictions on ad formats/strategies for Google Play just aren’t there. Secondly, the ad networks focused on Android have the most innovative and effective platforms for devs to capitalize on. In the last few weeks, iAd announced improvements that better ad platforms (on the Android side of the aisle) had already addressed a long, long time ago. It was hilarious – and sad, actually. Then you look at Airpush and their new Abstract Banners. This is the cutting edge and where mobile advertising needs to be — quality ads, easy to implement, solid CPM — and you’re certainly finding it on Android at a much faster clip than you are anywhere else, especially when compared to the increasingly stale monetization opportunities on iOS. So yeah, the trend you speak of – a new beginning for Android in mobile advertising – it’s not something is going to happen, it is something that is already happening.

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