Android Lollipop based BlackBerry Passport spotted online

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The rumors about a handset based on that operating system have been flying and now images are popping up.

For a few weeks, the rumors of a BlackBerry Passport that would run on a version of the Android operating system have been picking up from having been only whispers before that time.

Now, the rumors are being seen as more likely to be true than ever now that a video has been shared online.

The video shows a Silver BlackBerry Passport that is running on Android Lollipop for the very first time. It has surfaced on the internet and this non-English video offers a clear view of the home screen on the device, as well as Google Play and the app drawer. The codename that has been given to the mobile device by those who have been sharing this video and the rumors of the existence of this device is “Oslo”. This is, apparently, the name that has been given to the smartphone by those who are actually working with it, but both that and any official confirmation of the existence of the device have yet to be made.

It appears as though it could be the Silver and not the Gold BlackBerry Passport that will feature Android.

BlackBerry Passport mobile technologyThere have also been indications that there would be another gadget called the BlackBerry Venice, though it is not known whether or not that device officially exists or whether or not it will run on Android. Certain tipsters such as Evan Blass – who has been quite accurate about the information that he has shared in the past – has posted videos and images of the rumored BlackBerry Venice smartphone. They went up on his Twitter account, recently. Also posted by Blass were images of Android running on a Passport.

There has been a great deal of enthusiasm expressed over the internet with regards to the adoption of an Android operating system on a BlackBerry Passport or other handset. There would be a number of advantages that the OS could bring to those handsets, but at the same time, that company could also play a vital role in improving the security level that is available through Android.

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