Android Apple Music app gets iOS-style update

Apple Music app

The mobile application underwent a sizeable update altering the design to mimic the iPhone version.

The Android version of the Apple Music app has been updated. The new application design appears strikingly similar to the iOS version. Aside from the changes in the look of the mobile app, content has now been segregated into a few categories such as For You, Browse, and Radio, and the Playing screen itself is very similar to the iPhone version.

The Music app for Android now also features lyrics integration, which had not previously been the case.

This newly overhauled Apple Music app design is meant to be easier to use and far clearer for the user. It also allows the mobile device user to read the lyrics for the tune as it plays. Within the library, app users can not only navigate the available music, but they can also download it for offline playback. Moreover, users can also benefit from music, playlist and album recommendations.

The new interface makes it possible for users to browse and listen to music. That said, they can also create various playlists based on a number of different factors such as a specific activity or mood.

The Apple Music app is one of only three Android applications made available by the iPhone maker.

Apple Music appThe other Apple apps that Android users can download include the Beats Pill+ speaker, which is a migration tool made to bring data into the Music app. This limited access for Android users to Apple products is a direct reflection of the latter company’s policy of providing stiff competition with large rivals without making its services widely available on other platforms.

For instance, the reason the Music app made it to Android in the first place was because of the launch of Spotify. Apple made sure that consumers wouldn’t have the opportunity to feel limited by its products when switching from one device to the next.

Still, aside from using the Apple Music app to compete with Spotify and Pandora, for example, the company does not appear to be focused on spending a great deal of time serving customers on other platforms.

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