Android 14 rumored to include new battery health features

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These have been missing on phones and tablets running on Google’s mobile operating system.

The Battery Health feature native to iOS devices has been missing on those running on Google’s operating system until now, but Android 14 is rumored to have its own version coming up.

When the new final version of the operating system is released, it is expected to bring battery health.

Once Android 14 is finalized and ready to go, it’s expected to include battery health features to its users. This is a long-awaited option for users of smartphones on that platform.

Android 14 - Battery Health

Mishaal Rahman, former EIC at XDA-Developers, was cited in a recent report as having revealed that Google has been adding new BatteryManager APIs for the beta of the new operating system. Among the new APIs, two of them are public. Their purpose is to provide information about charging status and cycle counting. The remainder of the APIs report the manufacturing date, first use date, charging policy and state of health of the device.

The Android 14 battery health updates are currently only available on Pixel devices running Beta 2 or higher.

According to the report, Rahman has stated that any app that has the BATTERY_STATS permission is able to call the new system APIs. However, this is only the case specifically on Pixel devices that are already using on the upcoming operating in its Beta 2 or higher.

A Batt app developed by developer Narek is already using the new APIs for reporting the battery health and charge cycles of the smartphone. It is already available for download and can be used on a device that is using the new operating system.

That said, it isn’t possible to vouch the data accuracy shared by the application because it reports only the return from the APIs. The statistics from the APIs are dependent on the information tracked by the charging IC. Moreover, it is also dependent on whether the feature is supported by the HAL.

Device users are hoping that Android 14 will include a solid battery health feature to its stable operating system so that additional apps won’t be required in order to check the status of a device.

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