Amex uses mobile partnership with foursquare to boost consumer loyalty

Mobile Commerce Industry News

Mobile Commerce Industry News
American Express has partnered up with foursquare to provide their cardholders with exclusive shopping offers by way of their mobile devices, for Sports Authority, H&M, and Union Square Hospitality Group.

This agreement will permit Amex cardholders to connect their credit cards with their foursquare accounts so that they can obtain and redeem specials from these merchants. It will also provide consumers with the ability to redeem the offers that they have received, without the requirement for special codes or coupons, nor by needing to show the mobile device once they reach the cash register.

According to PR manager, Erin Gleason, at foursquare, “Foursquare is the best platform for merchants who want to build customer loyalty.”

Gleason explained that this partnership has allowed consumers across the country to benefit from specials and shopping offers in a much more convenient, and effortless manner. It also allows the new technology to be implemented without the necessity for additional employee training from the merchants, which means that it helps to keep costs down.


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It is anticipated that this will only be the beginning of the service, and that as its success is seen, more national and local merchants will also be eager to participate in the near future. Cardholders are already capable of using the American Express official website to sign up and receive the deals.

Once they have registered, they can connect their account with foursquare to their Amex card, which will allow them to receive the foursquare venue American Express specials as they arrive.

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