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U.S. Consumer OPEN Serve and Small Business cards are now available in the mobile payment joint venture.

American Express has announced that its mobile wallet joint venture with T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, called Isis, has now entered into an agreement that will allow the U.S. Consumer, OPEN Serve and Small Business Cards to be available.

The cardholders of American Express products will be able to use their NFC smartphones this year.

It will begin with the first cities of Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah, which will have the technology later this year, but the ability to shop, tap and pay with the mobile wallet is expected to spread after that point.

American Express joined the Isis platform last year, adding its cards to the program.

Once the smartphone payment systems and networks are in place, users with NFC enabled devices will be able to shop, pay for items securely, and even use loyalty programs at their favorite stores.

The president of U.S. customer services at American Express, Josh Silverman, explained that “Now our Cardmembers and merchants can benefit from the ease and convenience of a tap-and-go experience on a mobile phone and still enjoy the benefits, services and support of American Express.

Now, Serve customers will also be able to add their accounts to the Isis. Serve is the new commerce and digital payments platform at American Express. It has allowed the company to broaden its reach to a wider group of consumers and business customers with a flexible, open platform that does not have monthly or annual fees or credit checks. It brings together payments online and offline into a single account. Soon, it will also be integrated with Isis.

The Isis CEO, Michael Abbott, explained his perspective on the new agreement by saying that the relationship between the mobile wallet and American Express only highlights the commitment that they have to building a platform that is inclusive and flexible and that provides consumers with their choice in mobile payments while providing merchants with new opportunities to connect with their customers.


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