Amazon unveils SmileCodes, its own version of QR codes

tablet market Amazon SmileCodes Logo

The online marketplace will be using their own form of quick response codes to share offers and discounts.

Amazon has announced it is rolling out its own branded form of QR codes, which it has called SmileCodes. These logo shaped quick response codes will let shoppers activate the company’s offers through a fast and easy scan.

When shoppers spot the smile shaped QR codes in the real world, they can scan them to access the offer.

Shoppers will be able to see the SmileCodes and their associated offers in real life. From there, they can use their smartphones to scan the QR codes and activate the deals through the Amazon app. They can secure the offer from there. These opportunities and the barcode scans will be available exclusively to Amazon app users.

The branded barcodes have been undergoing testing in a few pop-up shops as well as European Amazon Lockers over the last few weeks. That said, Amazon’s QR codes will be rolling out in American magazines first. Among the magazines that will feature the SmileCodes are Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.

The SmileCodes scanner is a feature in the latest update of the Amazon mobile app.

tablet market Amazon SmileCodes LogoThey work in the exact same way as regular square QR codes, only they feature the company’s smile-shaped logo in their center. The barcodes simply require the app to be open, and the scanning feature to be selected. From there, the user can point the device camera at the code. From there, it will automatically scan and direct the user to the next step.

The ads will tell users to use their smartphones to unlock an “Amazon experience with your camera.” Once the user has followed those instructions, he or she is redirected automatically to the offer advertised in the magazine.

The FAQ for the SmileCodes scanning feature says that using one of the barcodes automatically brings users to the digital location where they can benefit from the offer associated with that advertisement.

For example, if someone scans one of the Amazon Locker’s codes, it will provide an offer for the locker. While this mobile marketing strategy may seem somewhat gimmicky, this company is confident that the offers make it worthwhile for people to take out their smartphones and scan.

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