Amazon QR code catalog to be snail mailed out for holiday season shopping

Amazon QR code catalog - Presents - holiday shopping

Amazon is giving holiday shoppers the chance to easily link to products via QR codes.

Toys R’ Us may be long gone, but this doesn’t mean the end of toy catalogs for the holiday season. In fact, an Amazon QR code catalog called “A Holiday of Play,” may soon be mailed out to consumers across the United States.

QR codes will make it easier for consumers to scan and connect to product links.

While the Amazon holiday catalog will look like traditional holiday catalogs that are often mailed out around this time of year, the Amazon QR code catalog will feature – you guessed it – quick response codes.

The unique digital barcodes will be added to each item, making it easy for consumers to scan the code belonging to the item that interests them, so they can call up the product on Amazon to learn more about it or instantly make their purchase.

The catalogs will also be available at the e-commerce giant’s 4-star locations and bookstores, reported The Verge.

In addition to an Amazon QR code catalog, the company will also be offering greater free shipping perks.

Typically, for non-prime members, in order to obtain free shipping on their order, Amazon customers must make a minimum $25 purchase (before tax). However, during holiday season shopping, the company will reportedly be waiving this minimum purchase requirement.

What’s more, Amazon will apparently be experimenting with more convenient shipping options. This, along with its free shipping benefit, is part of the company’s plan to attempt to boost sales during holiday season shopping.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Amazon is mirroring the more conventional holiday shopping marketing methods that are commonly used by traditional retailers like Walmart, Barnes & Noble and, previously, Toys R’ Us.

The company is not only a huge competitor of these brands, but it cemented its “offline” presence last year with its acquisition of Whole Foods. It has also opened up brick-and-mortar bookstores and cashier-less convenience stores Amazon QR code catalog - Presents - holiday shoppingthroughout America.

Receiving the Amazon QR code catalog will no doubt remind consumers just how big of a presence Amazon has in the shopping world, both on and offline.

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