Amazon mobile commerce enjoys explosive rate

Amazon mobile commerce

The massive online marketplace has reported that on Cyber Monday, shoppers purchased 426 items per second.

As the holiday season heads toward a close, the Amazon mobile commerce numbers have now been released and have indicated that online shoppers purchased an average of 426 items per second and the majority of them were made from smartphones and tablets.

This statistic was a part of the data that was released by the company for its holiday season.

Many of the Amazon mobile commerce figures that were released by the online marketplace were considerable record breakers. This year not only showed that the company is doing better than it ever has before, but it also provided additional evidence that shoppers are adoring their smartphones and tablets when it comes to shopping. It has suggested that they are starting to prefer those devices over their desktop computers when it comes to purchasing the products and services that they want online.

More specifically Amazon mobile commerce figures showed that it earned over 1 million new Prime members.

Amazon mobile commerceThis growth was experienced during the third week of December, alone. When it came to the holiday season in 2013, this was the best season that the company has ever experienced. On Cyber Monday, it sold over 36.8 million items. Amazon said that it sold a very unspecific “millions” of Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle eReaders throughout the holiday shopping season. It is not uncommon for the retailer to avoid providing any actual sales figures when it comes to the devices.

When it comes to tablets and smartphones, though, the report released by the retailer showed some interesting statistics, in that over half of the sales that were made through the marketplace were completed using these types of devices.

When it came to Amazon mobile commerce sales of toys, over one in five purchases were made per second between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This closely reflects the results of a survey that was released in December about eBay shopping in the United Kingdom. There, purchases of tablets showed a preference for smaller screens, and many of the devices purchased from August to November were used for Christmas shopping.

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