Amazon launches a new mobile commerce service

Amazon mobile commerce

Local Register aims to promote mobile commerce among retailers

Amazon has a strong interest in mobile commerce, but the company is not only keen to support mobile shopping in the digital space. Amazon has begun offering a new mobile-centric service that will allow merchants in the physical world to accept payments made from a mobile device. The service is called Local Register and is designed to compete with similar services being offered by PayPal and Square. The service may help Amazon further establish a strong position in the mobile commerce field.

Local Register is a card reader that can be attached to a mobile device

The Local Register service is, in simplest terms, a credit card reader that can be affixed to a mobile device. The reader gives the mobile device the ability to access the financial information of a payment card. Amazon believes that the service will be particularly popular among small merchants as they look for ways to engage consumers more effectively. Whether or not that will be the case has yet to be seen, of course.

Merchants show distrust for Amazon, which may make its mobile commerce service less popular

Amazon mobile commerceSome merchants do not trust Amazon due to the company’s size and the competition it represents. Amazon has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of e-commerce, effectively taking consumers out of physical stores and allowing them to shop online almost exclusively. Some 90% of commerce is still conducted in physical stores, however, which makes this point of contention something of a moot issue.

Amazon may have trouble competing with companies that have a strong presence in the mobile space

Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace. More consumers are using mobile devices now than ever before and the demand for services specifically catering to these devices is on the rise. Amazon is working to accommodate the demand coming from both consumers and retailers. Thus far, the company has managed to find some degree of success, but has found it difficult to compete with others that have already established a strong position in the mobile commerce field.

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