AirVote deploys QR code feedback tools for instant customer responses

QR code feedback

The quick response codes allow businesses to respond immediately to comments before they go online.

AirVote has created a QR code feedback solution to help small businesses to be able to respond to customer feedback immediately.

An immediate response to customer comments is more important than ever as they are often posted online.

Using the QR code feedback tool, companies are able to spot issues right away and solve them before negative messages can spread to other customers. Since small businesses have limited resources, features as straightforward as a barcode scan using a smartphone are the type of affordable option that can provide small businesses with the opportunity they need to resolve any issues before they develop into negative reviews.

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to damage from negative reviews and comments. Due to their size, a comment about a situation that the company would have been willing to resolve but didn’t have time to repair before it was posted online could lead to enough lost business to be quite harmful to the bottom line. This option is meant to get in the way of a negative comment or review, letting the business have an opportunity to immediately resolve the issue.

The AirVote QR code feedback system is extremely easy for both the customer and merchant to use.

The idea behind the quick response barcodes is that they let small businesses poll customers in real-time regarding their satisfaction and the quality of the service they received. This response is sent to the company right away, letting them employ in-house data to solve small immediate issues before a negative social media post or customer review can be shared with the rest of the world.

The system works by helping to “Flag to a business team service problem areas and give an opportunity to correct before they appear in social media as a negative review,” said AirVote’s official description of the tool.

Business owners create questions to ask their customers. For each one, AirVote provides three smileys within quick response codes that customers can use for a reply. These can be displayed in as many locations throughout a business’ physical location as desired. When customers see the question, they scan and provide QR code feedback based on the QR code feedbacksmiley that represents their response to the question. That information is immediately sent to a company rep who can respond as soon as desired.

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