Copilot AI chatbot from Microsoft will remember everything done on a computer

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The tech giant’s effort to get users comfortable with artificial intelligence seems awfully creepy

Microsoft recently held its annual Build developer conference, in which it placed a focus on its AI chatbot called Copilot, and how it is hoping to support consumers in becoming more comfortable with using artificial intelligence on a regular basis. To do this, the company has decided to let Copilot remember everything a user does on a computer.  The goal is to support the user in knowing what to do next.

While some responses have been enthusiasm, others feel this is invasive

The software giant is aiming to compete with Big Tech rivals in their rollouts of AI chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence technology.  This generative tech is already creating documents and images while behaving like a human personal assistant for both work and home purposes.

AI chatbot - Invasive

As such, it unveiled a new class of personal computers with AI embedded into them.  They will have Copilot worked right into the PC Windows operating system.

Among the features being spotlighted includes Windows Recall, which will make it possible for Copilot “photographic memory,” according to Microsoft’s own description. This means that the operating system will recall everything a user does on the machine.

According to Microsoft, it will keep the privacy of its users protected by providing them with the option to filter out whatever they would prefer Copilot doesn’t track, and by storing all tracking on the device itself.

Giving AI chatbots a much larger role in personal computers

This is a major move closer to computers that “instantly see us, hear, reason about our intent and our surroundings,” said Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft. “We’re entering this new era where computers not only understand us, but can actually anticipate what we want and our intent.”

Microsoft, like many tech giants, is working hard to keep up with steep and rapidly evolving competition in technology surrounding AI chatbots. For instance, Google recently rolled out an updated version of its search engine that occasionally provides summaries generated by artificial intelligence over the website links at the top of a query’s results page.

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