After a year and a half, Twitter Canada has a new head

Twitter Canada Mobile apps marketing

The social network and mini blogging site is now looking up to Rory Capern, following his hiring.

Kirstine Stewart had been leading Twitter Canada but stepped down a year and a half ago, leaving the company without anyone in the official leadership position; until now when it has raised a new head to this position along with the hiring of Rory Capern, who will take over in February.

Capern is coming to the social network’s Canadian business after having worked at Google Canada.

Replacing Stewart is Capern, who had been Google Canada’s head of partnerships. He will be taking over the position as the Twitter Canada general manager. Capern will officially step into this role in mid-February 2016. As of the time of the writing of this article, he had not yet been available for immediate response to emails or for interviews. At that time, he will be taking control over the Canadian side of the San Francisco based business, which currently employs about forty people.

Twitter Canada has actually been without an permanent leader for about a year and a half since Stewart.

Twitter Canada Mobile apps marketingIn September 2014, Stewart moved away from her position of leadership of the Canadian branch of Twitter. At that time, she became the vice president of North American media for the company. While this was a promotion for her, it meant that the social network was without a permanent head since that time.

Throughout the time since Stewart opened up that position, the vice president of sales, Matt Derella has been managing the Canadian business from his office location in New York. Capern is now moving in with his strong background in business development and sales while at Google Canada as well as a prior position with Microsoft Canada. He has also been employed through other tech and online giants such as Bell Canada, Lavalife and Torstar Digital.

Over the last several quarters, Twitter Canada and many other markets has experienced some significant user growth. Similarly, though, the company has been struggling in its effort to boost its ad revenue. As a part of its effort to turn that around, Jack Dorsey, the former chief exec and co-founder of the social network, retook his CEO job full-time, as of October 2015.

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