Advertising via Social Media Channels – Does it Work?

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Social networking sites not just provide users the opportunity for users to be constantly connected with their friends and families. Today, social networking sites have become tools of business owners that help them become more profitable. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter made advertising affordable even to small business owners, so to speak.

Setting up social media accounts can also be of great help in the existing communication channels of the company. Aside from the traditional phones lines that you can acquire from providers like RingCentral, business owners can hire a social media strategist to boost customer relations through social networking sites.

Advertising via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is intended to help professionals to get connected with their fellow professionals in similar or different fields. It is dubbed as the social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn accepts advertisements through its platform regarded as DirectAds. Essentially, DirectAds serves as banner and media ads on the site itself.

LinkedIn offers businesses to pick among the available options on the specific type of advertisement they wish to avail. They offer both Click per Person (CPC) and Click per Impression (CPM). LinkedIn allows businesses to customize their ads. They also have a one-time $5 fee that would allow business owners to use their ad model. Ads will appear on the site 24 hours after it was submitted to LinkedIn for approval.

Advertising via FacebookSocial Media Marketing

Facebook now serves as the top social media site. It is said to have more than 500 billion users around the world. Apparently, Facebook has a huge potential when it comes to advertisements. This is the reason why more and more businesses are posting details of their products and services through Facebook ads.

Interestingly, Facebook works like Google Adwords wherein the business owner may opt to set the preferred demographics of the target audience or clients. For instance, if the business offers products or services within New York City, the advertisement will only appear on the newsfeed of users based in the city. This is to ensure that the right segment of audience will be reached by the advertisement. Targeted advertising is recommended so you will not waste your money and effort.

Facebook advertising is very user-friendly, and everyone who has an account can come up with an advertisement that can be paid through credit card or PayPal. Even start-ups can try Facebook advertising, and they can even set a daily budget limit. Facebook offers a comprehensive guide on how to go post the advertisement and how to monitor the amount spent on the ad.

Just like the offer of LinkedIn, Facebook also allows business owners to choose between CPC and CPM. CPC is intended for businesses that offer a deal within a specific period. Meanwhile, CPM is intended for long-term exposure of a certain company in the virtual world.

There are still other social media channels that you might want to explore such as Twitter and YouTube. Often, the channel you will choose depend also on the type of clients you want to entice with your products or services.

Before trying any of these affordable advertising opportunities, it is best to come up with a definite plan first. Try to identify your business goals, target customers, and advertising tools, among others. These elements should be considered as a whole in identifying the steps you need to take in making your business a successful venture. The return of investment may not come after a few days. As long as you put your time, effort, and expertise, you will surely reap the fruits of your hardwork. Bundle these with modern tools of technology, and you may fast track your success.

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