Advances in technology put a strain on mobile security

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Technology is becoming more important, and so too is security

As technology becomes more prolific in the lives of people all over the world, so too is crime. Many people are beginning to rely heavily on their mobile devices in their daily lives. These devices are being used for social networking, shopping, and managing finances as well as other activities. With dependence on mobile technology rising, malicious groups are beginning to target the mobile space, taking advantage of the lack of security that can be found therein.

In Dubai, the rise of technology has been marked by an increase in crime, specifically hacking and data breach. technology put a strain on mobile security

Malicious groups are targeting businesses and consumers that do not consider mobile security to be a serious issue. As such, hackers have managed to gain access to a wealth of information that can be exploited with relative ease. Blackmail has become one of the most prominent crimes in Dubai, and the majority of blackmail instances are linked to the mobile space in some way. Dubai is not, of course, an isolated instance.

Technology and crime go hand-in-hand throughout Asia

Throughout Asia, so called cybercrime has been on the rise. Trend Micro, a prominent security firm, notes that mobile devices throughout Asia have become very attractive targets for hackers that seek to exploit financial information. Throughout 2013, hackers have been taking advantage of mobile devices that have been connecting to free WiFi networks that lack any degree of security. Trend Micro suggests that this particular threat will continue growing in prominence well into 2014 unless consumers begin taking security into their own hands. Symantec, another prominent security firm, has echoed the warnings of Trend Micro.

Mobile security is not an issue that is restricted to Asia or the United Arab Emirates.

Mobile devices throughout the world lack security software that can protect people from hackers and malicious groups that seek to exploit their information. Many businesses and government agencies are also lacking appropriate protection. The issue may lie in how quickly technology is advancing and how difficult it is becoming for people to keep up with this advancement. Hackers have been keen to stay ahead of the learning curve when it comes to the advancement of technology, but the general population has been left behind, to some degree, when it comes to issues of security.

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