Adobe ceases efforts for mobile Flash


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In a serious mobile battle that began back in 2007 when the iPhone was first launched and Steve Jobs announced that Flash could not be rendered on mobile devices due to the energy drain it causes to batteries, Adobe has finally admitted defeat and has stopped trying to pursue a mobile version of Flash.

This announcement was made quietly and subtly on a blog post at Adobe. It equally announced that it will be directing its mobile focus on HTML5, instead. HTML5 is the cutting edge web programming language which will be used to provide mobile website experiences that are much more rich and powerful, including strong multimedia capabilities. According to experts in mobile technology, it makes HMTL4 look antiquated.

Overall, HTML5 provides the ability to do what Flash does, but will render on apple devices and won’t drain the battery of the device.

Vice president of digital strategy and design, Tom Nawara, from Acquity Group LLC, a digital marketing firm, said that Adobe’s cessation of the pursuit of a mobile Flash isn’t entirely a surprise. He explained that HTML5 provides a solution that is a great deal more universal as it can function across both tablet and smartphone platforms and is likely the best choice for Adobe over the long term.

This decision will now allow Adobe to concentrate on their main source of income, which is offering management tools and digital media creation. It is a far smoother ride for them than a struggle with Apple over Flash.

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