Ad blockers on iOS is raising publisher blood pressure

iphone Mobile ad spending

The latest version of the Apple operating system allows users to stop ads from being displayed on their devices.

The next version of the Apple mobile operating system, which is expected to be released as soon as this month, will make it possible for users to install ad blockers that will stop advertisements from appearing within the Safari web browser.

This strategy is meant to make iPhone and iPad use more appealing to users, but is frustrating publishers.

This acceptance of ad blockers in iOS9 could increase tensions between Apple and other residents of Silicon Valley. The reason is that by making it possible for users of iPhones and iPads to install these mobile apps, it will cause a serious threat to the mobile marketing industry, which currently generates $70 billion on an annual basis. Firms have been watching a steady growth as the mobile audience broadens worldwide, but these apps could throw a wrench into the works.

Fewer users viewing the advertisements because of ad blockers will have a direct impact on publisher revenue.

iphone mobile ad blockersBy permitting these ad blocking apps, it will also provide Apple with a rather powerful weapon of indirect attack against Google, which currently generates a higher amount of revenue from online advertising than any other individual company on the planet.

The reason that this is a big deal to mobile marketers is that iOS is one of the two most commonly used mobile operating systems in the world. That said, on the side of Apple, by offering the option for consumers to block the ads that they don’t want to see, it could encourage them to use their mobile devices more often and for a broader range of purposes. There are considerable benefits to users who block ads on mobile devices particularly when it comes to reducing clutter on screens that are small enough as it is. Moreover, stopping ads from being displayed can speed up page load times.

That said, publishers are frustrated with the appetite that Apple could generate for using ad blockers, as the users of these devices are traditionally some of the largest on-device spenders, making them some of the most appealing audiences for mobile advertising.

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