Access control industry can benefit from NFC technology

NFC Technology - card reader

NFC Technology - NFC smart card reader

Report highlights potential of NFC in access control industry

The beleaguered access control industry may see a revival through the introduction of NFC technology and smart cards. A new report from IMS Research, a leading market research firm in the electronics industry, suggests that the $400 million industry could see a serious revolution through the adoption of NFC smart cards. NFC technology has already shown its proficiency in its ability to facilitate data transfer, thus showing value for the access control industry.

Smart cards may be becoming smarter

NFC-enabled smart cards can be used to control access to various rooms in a building. They can also be used to store identification information, allowing for the quick access and verification of this information by an NFC-equipped terminal. According the study from IMS Research, NFC technology could unlock a new generation of access control that goes far beyond the opening of doors for authorized personnel. The report suggests that NFC technology enables real-time control of access credentials, allowing for more accurate monitoring.

Report highlights possible future for NFC smart cards

The report suggests that, in the near future, NFC smart cards will not only control access to physical rooms, but also provide access to electronic information, such as health records. These smart cards will also be able to update themselves, ensuring that the most up-to-date access information is available for a user. Even as the access control industry changes and becomes more integrated with new technologies, NFC is expected to beat out its competitors in the industry and become the favored method of access control.

Firm predicts growing availability of NFC-enabled devices

IMS Research estimates that approximately 35 million NFC-enabled devices were shipped around the world in 2011. The firm predicts that this number will increase to 377 million devices by 2014, and 918 million devices by 2016. The firm’s predictions revolve around the growing popularity of mobile commerce and the role NFC technology plays therein. As mobile commerce becomes more popular, the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices rises, creating a promising opportunity for the access control industry.

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