A new WhatsApp business QR code will soon connect consumers and companies

Business QR Code - WhatsApp app update
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The quick response codes are meant to make it easier for app users to connect with businesses.

A new WhatsApp business QR code feature has started rolling out for customers using the app as an easier way to be able to connect with the companies they need to reach.

The quick response code can be displayed on receipts and other areas consumers are likely to consult.

By using the business QR code, companies let their customers reach them through WhatsApp to provide feedback, to ask questions or to seek support for a recently purchased product, for instance. Since a barcode scan is quick and easy, the idea is to make it exceptionally quick and easy for a company to share contact details and for the recipient to use them.

The company started testing this feature back in May. The goal was to simplify to process of connecting businesses and shoppers. Scanning quick response barcodes is much quicker than looking up a phone number and having to enter the digits manually. According to a 9to5mac report, companies will also be able to use those barcodes for sharing other forms of contact details.

The business QR code can be displayed virtually anywhere the company thinks it will be scanned.

The quick response code can provide access to customer support by way of a storefront sign, on a receipt, on a product’s packaging, or even shared digitally on the web. Companies using these barcodes open a new opportunity for simple connection with consumers. This will make it easier to start conversations as they will be able to use the WhatsApp messaging app for voice, video, or text-based discussions.

Some companies have already been using the application in this way. That said, the app was developed with consumers in mind. Therefore, the introduction of the new business version will help to make it better suited to companies of all sizes.

The business QR code will become a simple and cost-effective tool integrated into the version of the application meant for businesses. As many consumers already use the standard version of the application, the WhatsApp Business app will allow merchants to Business QR Code - WhatsApp app updateinterface with customers by way of a platform they’re already used to and comfortable using.

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