A mobile app has been released to help curtail Indonesian poaching

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This gaming application has been launched by the Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare.

The Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare has now launched a new mobile app that has been created as a part of a broader initiative that they are making to draw attention to the problem of poaching and to help to reduce the practice.

They have worked with mobile game developers to come up with a way to boost awareness and promote education.

The organization is hoping to increase the protection of the diverse and endangered wildlife within the country. The app is meant to be fun and appealing so that at the same time that people are enjoying their mobile gaming experience, they will also be learning more about the situation surrounding these animals and will be discovering the true harm that the poaching activities are generating for those creatures. The use of mobile technology has given the organization the chance to be especially impactful among younger people, whose use of smartphones is generally the highest.

The mobile app works both as a game and away to inform them about a truly serious situation in Indonesia.

mobile app gamesAccording to the Indonesian Society for Animal Welfare’s executive director, Kinanti Kusumawardani, “Many young people now own smart phones,” adding that “Mobile games are a way to generate their attention, as they are less interested in listening to lectures.”

To create the mobile game, a competition was run. It made it possible for developers to come up with a game that would feature local endangered wildlife and that would help to promote the conservation of that wildlife. As a result of the contest, there were two winners, both of which just happen to place the focus on birds.

The first game was called “Pora: Free Cockatoos”, which has the player following a fish named Pora, who uses a type of cannon device that it uses to fire at poachers that are attempting to capture yellow-crested cockatoos. Those villainous poachers try to jam the birds inside plastic bottles to ship them – which is, heartbreakingly enough, not a fictional practice. The creator of the game is NED studio.

The other mobile app game is called “Adventures of Jalak”, which is an endless-runner game that follows a Bali starling. That bird assists friends to escape poachers. In reality, this species of bird is captured by poachers for a sale of up to $500 each.

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