9 Dope Cartoon App Suggestions for Your Smartphone

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Whether you are planning to create a cartoon avatar of your friends or looking to add hilarious filters to your photo, it’s best to begin with a free dope cartoon app. With a smartphone in your pocket, you can play around with your images at any time by adding artistic effects and giving you an all-new look. 

The article insists on some of the best cartoon apps that you can install and use on your smartphone for free. But let’s first understand why you need a cartoon app.

Why Do You Need a Cartoon App?

The cartoon apps enable users to adjust existing filter settings as well as add a new filter to edit a photo in just a few clicks. These apps allow you to transform regular photos into funny cartoons to captivating animations in no time.

Today, we have an app and a website for everything. For each account, you certainly want to put the profile picture to personalize your account. Inserting your photo as it is can result in privacy concerns and security vulnerabilities. 

Editing images, adding filters, or converting your image into a cartoon prevents you from many potential online risks. Since you upload your picture after editing it using the dope apps, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Whether you use an Android phone or iPhone, make sure to download the latest version of cartoon apps for better compatibility and functioning. If you are already using some photo editing apps, update them regularly to configure the latest features and enhance security. 

Visit online tutorials to get more information on how to update apps on iPhone or Android. Let’s have a look at some of the apps that help you convert your photo into a fantastic animation. 

best cartoon app and the ones to download

Best Cartoon Apps You Can Download


The availability of hundreds of filters and effects makes PicsArt one of the best photo editing apps for animators. Transform your photo into a piece of art or convert it to a drawing-like image which you can use as a profile picture on texting apps or an account picture on social channels. 

Cartoon Photo Editor

Apply amazing cartoon effects and turn your picture into a captivating cartoon by downloading Cartoon Photo Editor on your Android phone. You can add impressive effects such as cartoons, thermal vision, oil painting, or sketches, to name a few. Autofocus features allow you to click anywhere on the phone screen to capture a picture and then edit it. 


Turn your photo into a cartoon in real time using the Camart Cartoon app available for free. The app is compatible to download on Android 4.4 or higher versions. Not only can you transform your photos into cartoon animations, but you can also record a video using live-painting-like effects. So, make your coolest selfies ever with the easy-to-use app. 

Art Camera 

So, if you have an artistic mind, Art Camera is for you. Make a sketch of your photo by picking one from your Photo Gallery in a few simple steps. Add pencil sketches or other amazing artistic effects to your photos and edit them beautifully. Art Camera is one of the best options if you are looking to create a collage of your pictures to cherish memories. 

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Turn your normal photos into attractive cartoon selfies by downloading a dope cartoon app on your phone. With ToonCam, you can also create web-based comics in just a few taps. The app allows users to turn their normal pictures into cartoon selfies by adding attractive effects for effortless transformation. 

Sketch Me

Get more social media hits by adding profile pictures edited on the Sketch Me app developed to transform your selfies and photos on Camera Roll. Play around with other camera effects such as Contrast, Saturation, or Brightness to enhance the colors in the cartoon image. Use Opacity or Edge Strength to highlight certain areas. 

Cartoon Camera

If you want to add simple Cartoon and Pencil Sketch effects to your photos, download Cartoon Camera on your phone. The app gets automatic updates, so you hardly have to worry about installing them to use the latest features. Moreover, automatic updates extrude any security vulnerabilities, making the app secure to use. 


The app is known to have multiple cartoon options for different emotions. Using cartoon filters on images is easy, and you can even use it for editing a 30-second video clip. You can install the free version for normal use; however, you also get the option for in-app purchases in case you want to access advanced features. 


Painnt integrates thousands of art and cartoon filter settings with different parameters. With transparency, brightness, and contrast features, Painnt is one of the best cartoon-yourself apps available in the market. The free version limits the number of edits; you can buy the paid edition for a limitless photo to cartoon exports.

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