69 percent of Americans aren’t interested in Apple Watch ownership

apple watch - standard edition

This, according to the results of a wearable technology poll that was held and reported on by Reuters.

Although the Apple Watch may be one of the biggest headlines to hit the wearable technology market, the vast majority of Americans aren’t actually interested in buying one, and a striking number haven’t even heard of it.

This result of a Reuters/Ipsos poll could suggest that Apple’s smartwatch could be facing similar barriers to its rivals.

The wearable technology market has seen a significant number of challenges as it attempts to gain some popularity and to work its way into the mainstream. While many believe that the Apple Watch will signal the beginning of the arrival of wearables into a category of more commonplace electronics and gadgets, the results of this poll indicate that even this powerful brand may see that some of the barriers faced by its rivals will offer a certain degree of struggle.

At the moment, the awareness of the Apple Watch is quite low, considering the brand and the splash it hoped to make.

apple watch - standard editionThe survey was held on Monday after the smartwatch was rolled out by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. At that time, only about half of all respondents had said that they had heard any news of the launch of the wearable technology gadget. That said, about 13 percent of respondents who said that they did not have iPhones did say that they would consider purchasing that smartphone in order to be able to buy the compatible smartwatch, which requires that phone to function fully.

Apple has experienced considerable skepticism following the release of some of its cutting edge products, in the past. For example, there were serious doubts that the iPad and the iPod would take out, back when they were very new. However, this poll indicated that if Apple ever wants its smartwatch to become as popular as its tablet and smartphone, it does have its work cut out.

The Apple Watch has been designed to provide users with the ability to make and receive calls and texts, check emails, listen to music, and take advantage of a range of different health and fitness tracking features, starting at $349.

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