RESULTCO creates virtual store fronts with QR codes

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As a part of its Detroit Storefront Project, RESULTCO is using empty store window display space in order to give QR codes to a creative, artistic, and highly commercial purpose.

Each of these shopping display walls have been artistically designed to draw attention to various products and to encourage consumers to scan their associated QR codes in order to gain further information or make a purchase.

The QR codes are accompanied by crisp, clear, and beautiful graphics that have a trompe l’oeuil effect. They are created with laser printing onto the storefront window walls and are a stunning display of what technology has to offer the world of commerce in connecting the real and virtual worlds.


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For example, one of the displays includes an image of the arm of Joe Louis wearing 47 different watches. Each of these time pieces includes its own QR code and an additional image of the device below it. These watches feature the Equipe brand which was inspired by luxury automobiles.

When smartphone and other mobile device users scan the QR codes, they are redirected to the WatchWear mobile website. There, they are able to learn more about the individual watch products, make an actual purchase of a watch that appeals to them, or they can have the information about the watches emailed to themselves so that they can view it at a later time.

These storefronts are all located in Detroit on Woodward Avenue between 1520 and 1558. RESULTCO has promised that there will be more similar projects that will follow the success of the current displays.

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