25,000 mobile commerce shoppers surveyed by Yuseo

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The company researched consumers in both France and the United Kingdom.

Many people feel that shopping over a cell phone is the latest revolution in sales, customer relations, and advertising, and Yuseo investigated the mobile commerce world with a massive survey this year.

The survey included more than 13,000 e-shoppers in the U.K. and 12,000 in France.

This research was central to Yuseo’s understanding of the multi-channel consumer experience. The shoppers in Great Britain were surveyed in January 2012, while those in France were surveyed in March. The primary focus of the study concerned their feedback regarding mobile commerce as a whole and the purchases they make their.

The results showed that 87 percent of consumers in the UK and 87,5 percent in France have never made a mobile purchase.

The results from the survey that were provided by the online shoppers who had made smartphone purchases included comments that helped to make this easier to understand. The reason is that age seems to make a significant difference in the use of mobile commerce. Though only 13 percent of British online consumers may use their smartphones to buy things, when you look specifically at individuals between the ages of 23 and 29 years old, that number doubles to 26 percent.


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Furthermore, the actual nature of the shopping over these devices is also a defining element. The findings from the survey found that within the two markets that are most likely to connected to the current push of m-commerce, among the British respondents who had used the channel, 76 percent bought products. In France, 66 percent purchased a product in France. Comparatively, only 40 percent of those shoppers in the U.K. paid for a service, while 53 percent among French participants did so.

In terms of the potential for short term growth in mobile commerce, the difference between those two countries are slight. Among those participants who said that they had not yet tried shopping with their smartphones, 72 percent in the U.K. and 65 percent in France said that they likely would in the near future. This holds a great deal of promise for upcoming growth.


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