Winq makes QR codes a part of the cloud

Winq Mobile App

Winq Mobile App

As news of Apple’s iCloud platform spreads around the world, more developers are making applications that aim to synergize with the system. The iCloud will be an extensive cloud-computing network that will allow for iPhone, iPad and iTouch users to connect and share information wirelessly.

A new mobile application for the iPhone seeks to leverage QR codes with the seamless connectivity of iCloud. Known as Winq, the application is the first program from developer iNdevour.

Winq is essentially a QR code generator in the palm of your hand. Using the app, iPhone users can transcribe all their contact information into a QR code and then distribute that to anyone in their address book. Winq doubles as a barcode scanner as well. Scanning someone’s code will automatically install their details into your contact list. The codes can be used for more than phone numbers and emails; however, they can store addresses and websites as well.

Apple’s iCloud will synchronize all of a users mobile devices as well as their Mac and PC platforms, allowing the devices to communicate with one another without being physically connected. Winq plays a simple yet valuable role in this system as anyone scanning a QR laden with contact details can make such information available for all of their devices.

QR codes are becoming a popular addition to business cards. With Winq, however, the days of the business card may be over.

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