2013 Blackberry’s Buyers Guide

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In just the past year, Blackberry has released three impressive mobile phone offerings. From a manufacturer that has held on to its popular design for years, the lineup now includes a fresh, fully touch screen smartphone. It also now has a smartphone that has a touch screen and built in keyboard. Finally, a new, lightweight, less expensive Blackberry was added, providing an option for all types of users. These three nice smart phones from Blackberry have something for everyone.

It’s All In The Touch

The Blackberry Z10 was released in late 2012 throughout the U.S. and the U.K. The striking thing about this phone is it doesn’t look like a Blackberry with the classic keyboard built in. This is Blackberry’s first venture touch screen venture.

The case has a smooth finish with rounded corners. It easily fits and supports one-handed operation. The plastic case is sturdy and contributes to its light feel. The screen is a 4.2-inch LCD high-definition screen with a bright, crisp display. A 2-megapixel camera is placed on the front of this camera.

Next to the touch screen, another Blackberry innovation is their new operating system, Blackberry 10 OS. The navigation is button-less and uses typical touch screen gestures. Blackberry users accustomed to the buttons and scrolling cursor on previous models can now experience all touch screen control.

Blackberry has long been a favorite for business users and has been the choice of companies that provide phones to their employees. The Z10 includes the same email security to keep employers happy while giving the employees the chance to use a touch screen phone.

For the Keyboard Lovers

In early 2013, Blackberry released its next design, the Q10. This phone looks similar to one of its earlier mainstays, the Blackberry Bold. The case has a familiar feel, and it has a built in keyboard.

The keyboard has been redesigned slightly, making it a little easier to use than on the Blackberry Bold, according to TechnoBuffalo. The keys are more defined, have a deeper press and better tactile response. People adept at typing on the old keyboard will appreciate these improvements.


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The Q10 comes with the Blackberry 10 OS and all of the software features as the Z10. A unique Blackberry app, called the Hub, consolidates all messages into a single inbox so you can easily browse through multiple accounts. The Hub is always accessible by sliding whatever app you’re currently using to the side to find the Hub underneath.

2013 Blackberry's buyers guide
Blackberry Z10 image by Halal Bilal via Flickr.

The Q10 is a phone for those loyal Blackberry users who don’t want to give up their Blackberry keyboard, yet want to experience a touch screen phone. For them, it’s the best of both worlds.

All Of This And More

Take the features of the Z10, the Q10 and the Blackberry 10 OS and put them into a lighter, less-expensive-to-manufacture case and you have the Q5. The Blackberry Q5 was announced at Blackberry Live 2013, reports CNet news. This phone looks like a scaled-down Q10 with a smaller display and keyboard.

The Q5 will also come in a variety of bright colors. This phone seems to target a younger market such as students and teens, especially considering the phone’s price. The plans are to also ship to places in Europe, Asia and Africa where the market for affordable mobile phones is growing. 

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