10 Innovative Ways of Using Your Smartphone

Amplify Sound

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives that life today without smartphones seems impossible.

All day we keep on doing multiple activities on our smartphones like chatting, taking photographs, making a selfie, reading articles or checking our emails. Almost all our daily life activities are connected with smartphones from our friendship on social media networks to the notifications of live news that we receive on our mobile phones.

This led most people – who are traditional or conservative in their approach to believing – that mobiles have ruined the entire social structure and thus it has isolated the man. But when we look at smartphones we can see the unlimited possibilities keeping in mind the expanding horizons of technology. Apart from common things that we do on smartphones we can also do many innovative things worthy of praise. Here is a list of 10 such things.

  1. Avoid Oversleeping by Amplifying Your Phone’s Speakers

To wake heavy sleepers from their sleep is a difficult task and even mobile alarms fail in this regard. You can use the speakers of your mobile in a more innovative way. All you need to do is put your mobile in an empty glass or a coffee mug and set an alarm. When the alarm will ring the sound will reverberate. Even though it’s not an outstanding technique to amplify sound, but it works perfectly well.

amplify sound on your smartphone

Apart from sound amplification, it will also serve you another purpose, that is, if you place your phone in the glass you will have to try hard to locate it in order to turn off the alarm and it will save you from laziness. Be sure to place the glass on the proper spot. Avoid placing it on the edge of the table because it is possible that it will fall down with the vibration of the sound.

  1. Improve the World

You can improve the world by using smartphones surely if you are willing to do so. You can avail multiple volunteering opportunities with the help of many social media apps. For instance, you can use “Donate a Photo”, which is an app. By using this app you will have to donate photos – and these photos can be about anything like sunsets or environment – and these will be turned into donations.

In a similar way there are many apps regarding restaurants; if you share a picture of your meal, the restaurant will donate one free meal. This way you can make the world a better place only with the help of your mobile.

  1. Keeping Track of Expenses and Incomes

Smartphones can turn your lives in highly systematic and organized patterns and you can achieve this with the help of multiple apps. For instance, you can keep track of all your savings and income which will help you a lot in making a plan for your expenses.

  1. Become Focused

Many people find that smartphones bring chaos in your lives by continuously distracting you from things that you are supposed to do. But, it can also be the other way round because with the help of smartphones you can achieve maximum productivity.

For instance, Facebook is always considered a distraction and once you log in to see notifications, you end up watching a hundred videos. This s entirely up to you how you use things. You can also use Facebook for educational benefits because there are lots of informative pages that you can find on Facebook.

  1. Measure Your Heartbeat

Nowadays, there is no need to go to hospitals to measure your heartbeat because you can simply do it with the help of your smartphone. All you have to do is place your fingertip on the camera lens and flash for few seconds and the app will tell you the beat rate of your pulse per minute.

Measure Your Heartbeat with smartphone

  1. Control Other Devices with Infrared

If you are sitting in the TV lounge watching your favorite show and suddenly you want to increase the volume but the only thing you find near you is your smartphone, then you can use it as a substitute for your remote control. That’s why most of the new mobiles are now equipped with infrared devices. All you have to do is install an app and it will do the rest.


  1. Diagnosing Leaky Window and Water Leaks

During winter everyone wants hot rooms and the puff of cold chilled air seeping in from the window is the last thing that you want to experience. In this scenario you can locate exactly from where the cold air is coming by using the thermal camera.

Apart from locating open windows in winter, you can also use a thermal camera to locate water leakage in the walls. Another interesting thing is that you can locate your pet at night by using this thermal camera mood.

  1. Scan barcodes and QR-codes

If you are using a particular online store for the first time and are confused about the price that whether the deal is good or not you can reduce this difficulty by installing a camera scanner app which will instantly scan the barcode and there are apps available which even give you the compared analysis of different stores. If you are looking for a perfect online store which is reliable as well as offers discounts then you should try visiting Groupon.

  1. Translate Languages

Those days are long past when you used to carry heavy dictionaries with you whenever you visited a distant land the language of which you had no idea about. Nowadays, by using Google Translate you can translate any language in your own. You just have to simply place a camera on the phrase and the translator app will translate it for you.

  1. Use Your Smartphone as a Mic

Modern days saw a shift from typing messages to audio recordings and video messages. For this purpose, you certainly need a microphone. The best option is headphones which have built-in microphones but sometimes they stop working. In this situation, if you are conversing on your PC with your friend using Skype and suddenly microphone stops working, you can install an app on your mobile and then connect it to your PC with Bluetooth. The result is resumed conversation with your loved ones.

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