10 Eye-Popping Games for Your iPad’s Retina Display

ipad games

Make the most of the amazing new display feature on the iPad.

This isn’t the only new features, but certainly a really cool on for gamers and that sharp experience. With plenty to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start!

The new iPad brings with it an amazing display that is so unbelievably clear that the hands on experience is better than ever before. Everything is better from the wireless connection to the camera. Your photos are literally at your fingertips making the iPad games better and capable of more than you could ever have imagined.

The amazingly clear display is really impressive and said to be better that HTDV with a screen resolution of 2048 x 536! That is pretty amazing and means your iPad can be so much more than you thought. Imaging playing your favourite games on a display that is that clear! The experience is no doubt going to be an awesome one and so it is necessary to explore the games that put this to the test and now bring an even greater gaming experience. These games are intended to give a choice for every gamer, whether you are the occasion player or hard core, you can be part of the action.

Waking Mars :

Waking Mars will give you something to look at and keep you engaged for hours. The game is available on iTunes and allows the player to build a life on Mars and survive in the unfamiliar ecosystem. This is an addictive on so watch out!


Sword & Sworcery EP is full of action and adventure as the player goes to battle to solve the mysteries ahead. With great music to accompany you on your way this will keep you entertained and is also available with iTunes. You can even co-operate with friends via Twitter so visit Sim-Only.co.uk to find out the cheapest option for your internet needs!


Machinarium is jam packed with adventure and action. This will keep you busy for a long time with puzzles, brain teasers and quests to suit every player.

ipad games

Dynamite Jack

Dynamite Jack has plenty of levels bringing battle against some weird and wonderful enemies. You can even develop the levels once you have completed them for the ultimate.


Grabatron is for the extra-terrestrial lover out there and allows the gamer to live as an alien, UFO and all! There are plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while and you can get the game easily on iTunes.


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Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow is highly rated by reviews online for its graphics. This game is certainly one that takes full advantage of the iPad’s display. This one is full of mystery, secrets and weapons galore for the ultimate experience.

Temple Run

The End is a really popular choice, especially for those who loved Temple Run. The graphics are great and the game itself is so much fun. It is available to download for free for an added bonus!

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

Batman Arkham City Lockdown is fantastic and loved by the Batman fan to say the least! The game appeals to all audiences with the chance to take down enemies made even more fun with the touchscreen! Swipe away the bad guys and have fun with a really great game.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is a fantastic and entertaining game to keep you on your toes. The detail is astonishing and certainly looks the part on the display.

Infinity Blade 2

Last, but not least, is Infinity Blade 2 to follow on nicely from the aforementioned. This game is really cool and another example that takes full advantage of the new iPad display. Customise your character and battle to find out the secrets behind the blade.

There are thousands of games to choose from so make the most of the amazing display and get the ultimate gaming experience. These are a few that really take advantage of the iPad so have fun and enjoy what you see!

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