Youth Unlimited gathers community support to build the world’s largest QR code

QR code video

Youth Unlimited North York, a non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada, is embarking on a journey to build the world’s largest QR code. The current record holder is Air Fest, a day camp company also based in Canada. Air Fest’s QR code comes in at a massive 15,625 square feet, a standard that Youth Unlimited believes it can beat with the help of volunteers. The organization is reaching out to the youth community in Toronto, petitioning their aid in the construction of the gargantuan QR code.

As of now, the organization has more than 1,400 people committed to the endeavor. The construction of the code is scheduled for June 16, 2012, at the Esther Shiner Stadium in North York. Each participant will hold a large placard that contains a part of the code’s design. They will then hold the placard above their head with other participants to form the code, which will be visible only from the sky. If the code can be scanned, it may break the world record.

The code is meant to raise support for the work of Youth Unlimited. The code will direct scanners to the organization’s website, where they can find more information on the organization and make contributions or donations. This is not the first time a charitable group has used QR codes. If successful, however, it will be the largest code a non-profit group has ever used.

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