Yapital updates mobile payments app with new feature

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New feature brings more convenience to mobile commerce service

Yapital, a mobile commerce firm, has added a “one click” purchase feature to its mobile application. The application allows users to make purchases from the mobile devices at physical stores and online. These mobile commerce applications tend to operate like digital wallets, storing financial information and other data and allowing it to be used in a convenient fashion. The new feature will allow Yapital users to make purchases from printed advertising media.

Yapital now supports QR codes as a mobile payments tool

The feature is meant to bring yet more convenience to the mobile commerce space. Using Yapital, consumers will be able to scan QR codes they find in advertising materials and in newspapers and magazines. If these codes are associated with a product, they will be able to purchase this product through the Yapital application. The feature leverages QR codes as a mobile commerce tool, taking advantage of the growing abundance of these codes and their increasing appeal to consumers.

QR codes continue to gain favor among consumers interested in mobile shopping and payments

wallet qr code mobile paymentsIn the past, QR codes had primarily been used in marketing, but these codes are becoming more prominent in mobile commerce. The codes allow for digital information to be sent and received relatively quickly and conveniently, making them ideal for mobile payments. QR codes can, quite easily, serve as both marketing and commerce tools and these codes are becoming more recognizable to consumers. QR codes had once been shunned by many people because of their unattractive appearance, but the codes are quickly gaining more favor with mobile consumers, especially as mobile commerce continues to gain ground.

Convenience may be the key to success in the crowded mobile commerce market

Making mobile commerce more convenient has become a priority for companies participating in this increasingly crowded market. The market has become heavily populated by a wide range of mobile commerce services that are all fighting for the attention of consumers. Services that offer the highest level of convenience, security, and efficiency are likely to be the most successful among consumers.

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