Yahoo sees promise in Taiwan’s mobile commerce scene

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Yahoo Taiwan is beginning to take steps to engage mobile consumers

Yahoo is looking to tap into the e-commerce market of Taiwan. The company’s Taiwanese division has taken note of the growing adoption of mobile devices and how these devices are beginning to have a major impact on consumer behavior. Yahoo believes that online sales will soon outpace sales coming from traditional, physical stores, with the Taiwanese e-commerce market reaching $33.34 billion in sales by the end of 2015.

Nearly 40% of all online shoppers are using mobile devices

Yahoo Taiwan sees a great deal of potential in the mobile commerce space. The company notes that nearly 40% of its online shoppers are browsing from tablets and smartphones. The company is currently working on developing its own mobile commerce infrastructure in order to tap into what is currently an largely ignored market sector. Many Taiwanese companies have taken note of the growing prevalence of mobile technology, but few have taken steps to engage mobile consumers. Many of these companies simply do not know how to do so, while others believe that mobile shopping is nothing more than a novelty that consumers will lose interest in over time.

Yahoo is working to get in touch with mobile consumers

yahoo mobile commerceYahoo Taiwan is looking to incorporate five staple e-commerce offerings into its overarching digital ecosystem. These offerings are based on the company’s already prominent presence in the e-commerce space and will be tailored to appeal to mobile consumers. The company has also developed a mobile application that is specifically designed for online shopping. Yahoo notes that it has seen a significant increase in online transaction during commuting hours and lunch breaks through Taiwan among those that are using the application.

Convenience of mobile commerce is its primary appeal

One of the reasons consumers favor mobile commerce is because it is convenient for them. Those traveling to work or school on a daily basis can take advantage of their commutes by shopping online from a mobile device. The products that these people purchase can be sent to their homes or they can opt to pick up these products at physical stores.

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