Xcel Brands brings augmented reality to Isaac Mizrahi

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Mobile Commerce

Xcel and Aurasma give Isaac Mizrahi a high tech upgrade

Xcel Brands, a leading multichannel retail and marketing organization, acquired the Isaac Mizrahi fashion brand last September and is now looking to put a high-tech twist on it by introducing augmented reality. The organization has been an advocate for augmented reality for years, using it to sell popular brands to tech-savvy consumers. Now, the company is focusing its efforts on the new Isaacmizrahinewyork application, which makes use of the Aurasma augmented reality platform to provide consumers with an engagement experience.

Augmented reality chosen over QR codes

Originally, Xcel has wanted to make use of QR codes in order to provide consumers with dynamic content, but the technology was eventually considered to gaudy and old for CEO Robert D’Loren. D’Loren considered the fashion industry to be constantly on the “cutting edge,” thus needing to make use of the latest technology to stay relevant to consumers. The Isaacmizrahinewyork application is capable of recognizes images and initiating augmented reality content without the need for markers. Because of this, augmented reality content can be embedded in a wide variety of images without disrupting a design aesthetic.

Fashion industry shows interest in augmented reality

The fashion industry is showing an increased interest in augmented reality technology. The technology is beginning to be used in a variety of fashion oriented events and has even begun finding its way into clothing itself. The Aurasma platform’s image recognition capabilities are proving a boon for the fashion industry as it is constantly on the lookout for ways to make advertisements and content as visually appealing as possible.

Xcel likely to expand use of augmented reality

The content being provided by Xcel takes the form of videos and images. This content can be accessed through the use of a smart phone equipped with the Isaacmizrahinewyork application. Xcel may choose to expand its use of augmented reality in the future. The company has shown a keen interest in the technology and has made use of it for several brands in the past.

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