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New information concerning Xbox 720 revealed in the wake of E3

This month, the game industry showed off a glimpse of the future of gaming at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Though E3 has passed, the projects unveiled at the event are still causing a buzz amongst gamers. Gamers are not only talking about what they saw at the event, but also what they did not see. It had been speculated that leading console developers Microsoft and Sony would unveil the next generation of their popular gaming platforms: The Xbox and the Playstation, respectively. Though neither company made announcements concerning new consoles, leaked documents from Microsoft are hinting toward the company’s much anticipated Xbox 720.

Document lists assortment of new features, including augmented reality capabilities

The leaked document, which is titled “Xbox 720-9-24 Checkpoint Draft 1,” is a 56-page long presentation of the future console. The document details the technology that will be utilized in the new console and notes that it will incorporate Blu-ray and 3D technologies that are meant to improve the entertainment experience. The console will also be compatible with games made for its previous iterations. One of the most striking features of the Xbox 720 may be its use of augmented reality glasses.

Leak suggests Kinect Glasses project

Augmented reality glasses have become a popular topic in the world of technology. They have garnered a great deal of interest from the game industry due to their ability to bring games to a new level of interaction and engagement. Microsoft has been experimenting with the technology for some time and, according to the leaked Xbox 720 document, the company may be ready to implement augmented reality into its new console. The document outlines a project called “Fortaleza” Kinect Glasses. The document suggests that these augmented reality glasses would be similar to Google’s Project Glass but with more gamer-oriented features.

Augmented reality glasses may be slated for 2014 release

The Xbox 720 document suggests that the Kinect augmented reality glasses could be released in 2014, a year after the suggested release of the console itself. The glasses appear meant to bring a new generation of gaming to life, but few details as to how this is accomplished have been officially released by Microsoft.

The Xbox 720-9-24 Checkpoint Draft 1 document is no longer available online, due to actions taken by Microsoft via the law firm Covington & Burling LLP.

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