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World Store mobile commerce platform hopes to compete with e-commerce giants

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GGIS unveils a new mobile commerce platform that it hopes will rival platforms from Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba

GGIS, Inc., a developer focused on the mobile space, has announced that it will be launching a massive mobile commerce platform that aims to rival solutions from Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba. The platform will be called World Store and GGIS notes that it is being designed for the “21st century,” targeting millennials as a primary demographic. Younger consumers are more likely to participate in mobile commerce because they are more comfortable with mobile technology in general.

World Store aims to give merchants a more enjoyable and less financially risky platform to work with

The World Store aims to provide an enjoyable and convenient seller experience. By creating such an experience for merchants, it may appeal to those that have had trouble using other mobile commerce platforms in the past. World Store will not charge merchants monthly listing fees, removing a degree of financial risk if products are not sold within a certain amount of time. The platform will also offer a live mobile feed for e-commerce applications, allowing merchants to quickly list their inventory without having to refresh or download a native application.

Consumers could enjoy the convenience that World Store has to offer

mobile commerce smartphone tablet businessFor consumers, World Store aims to offer a more enjoyable shopping experience. Those shopping on the platform will be able to find products being offered by retailers as well as individuals and purchase these products from their mobile devices. World Store is also being designed to have a simple and intuitive appearance and will boast of a one-click check out system that makes paying for products more convenient.

World Store likley to struggle to compete with larger, more popular mobile commerce platforms that have already showcased their value to consumers

While World Store offers many things, it will have to compete with larger, more established platforms that have already proven to consumers and businesses that they are valuable. Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have established a powerful position in the mobile commerce space and it will not be easy to dethrone these companies from their positions.

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